Rocket Kitchen

Rocket Kitchen is a boutique retailer based in Auckland, New Zealand, that specialises in handcrafted cakes and desserts. HeyYou were approached to rebrand Rocket Kitchen to reflect the inspirational cake and dessert supplier that it is.​​​​​​​
Rocket Kitchen’s identity has been designed to reflect their passion for taste and quality. The logo is a ‘perfect slice’ being a 1/12th slice of cake whilst also being a stylised rocket – an evolution of their previous logo.
​​​​​​​We developed the slice system, a kaleidoscope of colours that feature throughout stores, on product packaging, aprons and cake boxes.
These colours have been inspired by the delicious ingredients, cakes and icing that feature in their store. Names like lemon curd, candy floss, blueberry, orange zest, lavender and bubblegum were given to these colours. Rocket Kitchen’s rebrand is delicious, just like their cakes.
Created while working at Hey You.
Designer: Steve Grant 
Creative Director: Andy Bennett

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