2016 New Zealand International Comedy Festival

During NZ International Comedy Festival, the NZ Comedy Trust (who produce the festival itself), also produces a variety of shows that require their own identities.
The process requires a brief for each of the shows that are getting redesigned. Not all Trust produced shows require a refresh as they were done the year prior. 

Below are the posters of the shows that required and refresh.

Flick Electric Co. Comedy Gala – The launch event for the festival and on tv3

Flick Electric Co. First Laughs – The launch event for the Wellington side of the festival.
Le Comique – An alternative Comedy/Cabaret line-up show 
Comedy Lab – A series of shows that run before the festival where comedians can do new material and then get feedback from the audience straight away.
E Tu – A line-up a one night only line-up show in West Auckland
Billy T Jams – A showcase of the 2016 Billy T Award Nominees
Stand-up Kids – A season of weekend shows getting kids into watching stand-up comedy
Last Laughs – The final show of the festival where the awards are announced
Next Big Things – A Line-up show, showcasing up and coming comedians as this year's festival.
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